The Buongiorno Natural Jute Bag in Rose/Honey
The Buongiorno Natural Jute Bag in Rose/Honey
The Buongiorno Natural Jute Bag in Rose/Honey
The Jacksons

The Buongiorno Natural Jute Bag in Rose/Honey

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Please note that as the bags are handmade, the sizes can vary slightly.

The original The Jacksons bags are 100% jute, which is a strong plant grown locally in Bangladesh. The nature of this material means that the bags can withstand intense use and the test of time. And after a long and happy life, they can biodegrade on the compost.

Using jute is also a clever option when thinking about our carbon footprint and the climate impact of our products. Indeed, jute grows much quicker than cotton (it can be harvested every 4 to 6 months) and requires much less water. Studies suggest that jute is beneficial to the soil and air of the area, acting as a carbon sink.*

Sustainability is a long journey and we know we are miles away from perfect but choosing jute as the main material of our products, is a promising step towards a fairer, more sustainable method of production.

In a nutshell, these bags are the perfect option for a fun but mindful shopping alternative, as you can take them  to cary your holiday essentials, your everyday go-to, or for shopping and travelling. They are a joyous stylish feature for your wardrobe or even as home decor. 

Jute is a very strong fibre and our bags can hold up to 10 kgs for the small and 14 kgs for the large.

Roughly 43cm x 48cm x 10cm

25cm handle drop

Our  bags have our new signature stripe around the edge/gusset. It is the same colour as the writing. 


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